Fantastic Love Stories

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Fantastic Love Stories

Fantastic Love Stories live forever.

They bring a smile to your face, add a warm feeling in your heart, and a sense of joy for the couples who worked meticulously to create their dream of a lifetime.

Their story is our story. The mission of Fantastic Finds is to make dreams come true! Here are the love stories that inspire us everyday! 

Leslie & Andrew

October 2018

Fall Wedding

Lindsey & Patrick

June 2017

Vintage Chic

Megan & Will

May 2018

Sparkle & Gold Wedding

Brooke & Kelly

September 2017

Wedding at the Zoo

Chelsea & Justin

June 2018

Winery Wedding

Candice & Chris

May 2018

Whimsical Barn Wedding

Kelci & Heath

September 2017

Barn Wedding

Michaela & Jon

June 2018

Vintage Farm Wedding

Katelyn & Alex

October 2017

Conservatory Wedding

Jacqueline & Cody

August 2018

Dream Outdoor Wedding

Janelle & Terrance

July 2018

Summer Outdoor Wedding

Lauren & Ryan

August 2018

Frankenmuth Wedding

Jessica & Christoph


Historical Vintage Wedding

Katelyn & Austin

June 2018

Notre Dame Wedding

Taneil & TJ

September 2018


Emily & Dale

October 2018

Garden Vintage Wedding

Rebecca & Alex

August 2015

Simple & Elegant Wedding





Ashley & Nicholas

October 2018

Chapel Wedding







Andria & Travis 

December 2018

Winter Wedding







Brenna & Matt 

October 2018

Fall Wedding






Brooke & Tommy

October 2018

Winery Wedding



Haleigh & Evan

March 2019

Elegant Romance Wedding