4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Velvet For Your Bridesmaids

4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Velvet For Your Bridesmaids

Dec 06, 2023


4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Velvet For Your Bridesmaids


Velvet has been used for clothing since 14th century Egyptian civilization. It continued making its mark throughout history, dressing monarchs and royalty. Its luxurious fabric has been synonymous with wealth because it used to be very expensive to weave. Velvet is made on a special loom to create a dense pile that is woven to feel soft and plush. 

After thousands of years, it still hasn’t gotten old! Velvet is just as hot today as it was when Pharaoh was sporting his robe. ⁠⁠So, what is it about velvet that makes us stop and stare? 

⁠⁠Answer: Iconic elegance. 

Velvet looks lustrous and regal.⁠⁠ And when it’s worn, it makes the person feel luxurious too. This is why we highly recommend velvet for bridesmaid dresses. But that’s not the only reason to consider this lovely fabric for your besties. Here are 4 Reasons You Should Choose Velvet For Your Bridesmaids Dresses:


  • It Elevates– From every angle, the fabric looks stunning. It glides beautifully over every figure for a sleek, sophisticated style—giving your bridal party a refined edge. The natural sheen of the fabric looks gorgeous in photographs and pairs well with wedding dresses enhancing the overall bridal vision.

  • It’s Stylish— Up and down the red carpets, we’re seeing celebrities like Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, and Zoe Saldana wowing the crowd with their velvet ensembles. This trend is only amping up and with major designers making their statement. The modern dress designs of today amplify velvet to go from stately to stylish.

  • It’s Comfortable– The fibers of velvet give it a natural stretch making it easy to move in. Not only is it soft to the touch, the underside of the material is smooth and sleek, allowing it to move without bunching or gripping. Your bride tribe can dance the night away in comfort and look like a million bucks doing it!

  • It’s Ageless— Velvet dresses are a good investment because they can be worn again for date nights, parties, graduations, etc. You can easily dress up or dress down a velvet dress with the right accessories such as jackets, belts, earrings, and shoes. 


To create your perfect bridal look, consider the season, location, and vibe you want to set. You can mix and match styles and colors to create the perfect tone. To get you inspired, check out these modern velvet bridesmaid dresses that can be found at Fantastic Finds Bridal.  


  Cowl Neck Velvet Dresses



The subtle seaming in the bodice highlights the waistline and flatters the figure, while the slit in the skirt adds a hint of unexpected edge to this fashion-forward bridesmaid design. (Featured colors are Gardenia and Cashmere) 

 Off-The-Shoulder Luxe Velvet Dresses


Modern glamour and regal elegance come together in this sexy velvet bridesmaid dress. Fabulous off-the-shoulder straps meet an enchanting sweetheart neckline before tucking into a form-fitting bodice. (Featured color is navy) 

 V-Neckline Velvet Dress


The deep V-neckline and wide thick straps create a dramatic and alluring look that is perfect for a formal and elegant wedding. (Featured color is ocean) 

 Square Neckline Velvet Dresses


The simple square neckline, sleek spaghetti straps and classic column silhouette provide an incredibly flattering fit. The plunging V-shape in the back and the midi-style skirt give the chic bridesmaid gown serious on-trend appeal. (Featured color is merlot) 

 Mix and Match Floor-Length Velvet Dresses


Lovely. Ladylike. Seriously luxurious. These velvet bridesmaid dresses are sure to make all of your ‘maids swoon! Each style offers stunning V-necklines with varied sleeve styles. (Featured colors are russet, moss, amber, and storm.)

 Flutter Sleeves Velvet Dresses


Easy, breezy and effortlessly beautiful. This versatile velvet bridesmaid dress is guaranteed to bring your wedding day vision to life, no matter your bridal style. Featuring a timeless column silhouette, curve-hugging fitted waist, sweet flutter sleeves and a floor-length skirt, this luxurious bridesmaid dress is both formal and fun! The trendy tie-back detail gives the dress a truly unique touch. (Featured color is ocean.)


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