5 Favorite Fall Wedding Color Combos

5 Favorite Fall Wedding Color Combos

May 24, 2023

Your wedding is a chance to make a splash and get creative! Choosing the color palette for your big day is an important decision. That color scheme will determine the shades of your flowers, linens, invitations, bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen suits/tuxedos, and much more. 

With the vast amount of options, making a choice can be overwhelming. Today, we’re sharing our 5 Favorite Fall Wedding Color Combos to get you inspired. (But they aren’t limited to those seasons.) Read on to get inspired! 


 Purple & Mint



This bridal color combo marries the rich shades of purple with the zesty shade of mint. Perfect for an elegant affair with a dose of fun. Throw in bits of blush for added color dimension. 


Photo Credit: Burnett's Boards, Katelynn James Photography, InsideWeddings.com, & Sorella Vita 

 Shades of Blue



Blue emphasizes the mood of serenity and contentment. It also emphasizes the shades of beautiful Fall skies. 


Photo Credit: Sorella Vita, CharmadilloBouquets, LightInTheBox, & Hitched 

 Black & Peach



Take the black tie style and give it a pop of peach. We love the contrast of the light and dark with this color scheme. 


Photo Credit: Fab Mood, Hillary Rose Cupcakes, Design Star Studio & Sorella Vita 

 Burgundy & Sage



These bold tones set a perfect stage for Fall. They also give off a vibe of romance and mystery. Burgundy and sage also pair beautifully with ivory and gold. 


Photo Credit: RuffledBlog, MyDeerFlowers.com, & Sorella Vita 

 Emerald & Burnt Orange


These jewel tones highlight the warmth and depth of harvest. Great for a beautiful Bohemian wedding. 


Photo Credit: ElegantWeddingInvites.com, Sorella Vita, & Ilumina Photography