Bridal 101

Bridal 101

Feb 17, 2023




The ring is only the beginning. The list of what comes next can be long and overwhelming. Whether you're a bridal pro (owning every bridal book in alphabetical order) or you're a bridal-oh-no (you have no clue what to do next), Fantastic Finds is here to fill you in on the important subject of bridal shopping. Welcome To BRIDAL 101.


Today, we're teaching you the 5 MUST-KNOWS, BEFORE YOU GO…     




  • Bridal Gown– 9 to 12 months prior to the wedding
  • Bridesmaids Dresses– 7 to 8 months prior
  • Menswear– 4 to 6 months prior
  • Mother of the Bride/ Groom– 3 to 5 months prior
  • Flower Girls– 3 months prior 





 When you go to your bridesmaid appointment and find a dress you feel great in, we recommend being prepared to pay for it that day. Why?

  • Then you won't have to think about it again.
  • Designers can discontinue colors and styles at any point (with little to no warning). That means, if you've gone to your appointment and picked out a dress and a color you love and didn't purchase it, you run the risk of not being able to get it later in a discontinued color or style. 






When your dress is ordered, it will be in the size that fits you best. Please Note: Dresses do not come as a custom fit. We take your measurements in the store and compare them with the designer's size chart to determine the best size to order. It is common for different parts of your body to fit in different sizes. Almost every bride will need some alterations to her dress. That might be alterations to the length, straps, waistline, bust, or hips. 





Not every dress is created equal. Same as not every designer is created equal. While certain designers provide excellent quality products, they do not have customizable qualities. While Essence of Australia and Stella York are top designers that offer extra options like glitter tulle, different colors, or sleeves, they do not offer customization. There is one particular designer that does offer complete customization…MARTINA LIANA.


Martina Liana’s gowns are second to none in their level of detail, construction, and design. With Martina dresses, you can literally customize anything. Here’s how— You can combine up to three dresses (think mix & match). You can add or remove sleeves, place buttons on the train or take them off, add or switch out the style of lace, create an illusion bodice or have more coverage, etc. You have the ability to make the dress you've been dreaming of. The options are as endless as your budget. 





After your wedding day is done, your dress will likely have some party wear—soils on the hem or perhaps spilled white wine. Before you store it away, the dress should be properly cleaned and boxed so that stains cannot set into the fabric. Otherwise, you run the risk of the fabric yellowing, spots oxidizing into brown stains, mold and mildew growth, and permanent fabric creasing. Your best bet to ensure that your dress keeps its beauty is preservation.

At Fantastic Finds, we offer several cleaning and preservation packages to meet your specific needs. We recommend purchasing your preservation kit before the wedding. This way, you can easily ship your gown directly to be preserved after the wedding. Once it is completed, it will be mailed back to your address for your convenience. 


These 5 bridal shopping tips will get you started on planning for your big day. If you have any other questions, let us know. We are here to help. At Fantastic Finds, we can also dress your entire wedding party, making the process easy and efficient. Schedule an appointment by calling 517-702-1200 or Book Here