Top Bridal Trends for 2024

Top Bridal Trends for 2024

Feb 29, 2024

Top 6 Must-Know Bridal Trends for 2024


Every year, the bridal industry shifts to emphasize certain elements—sometimes these changes are dramatic and others are more subtle. The 2024 styles that made their debuts on the runway for the NY Bridal Fashion Week had some overlapping ingredients from 2023, while other designs turned in new directions. 


Finding the dress that’s right for you isn’t always about the hottest new look, but we’ve found that knowing the trends can help brides figure out what they like or what they don’t like. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the Top 6 Must-Know Bridal Trends for the new year.

1. Pastel Wedding Dresses - Looking for something romantic and dreamy outside of the traditional white? Then you’re going to love this new trend of pastel bridal gowns, featuring shades of blush and blue. Pictured dresses are: All Who Wander (Saylor-Bal) and Martina Liana Luxe (LE1316). 



2. Big Volume Skirts and Accents- In previous years, minimal dresses and minimal weddings were something of a necessity. But now, designers are expanding to reintroduce big and bold statements, perfect for big and bold weddings. Overskirts, puffy sleeves, and ballgowns are back and beautiful. Both Italian designer, Eddy K and Australian designer, Essense of Australia, are bringing out voluminous skirts and billowy sleeves. (Pictured dresses are: Christine by Eddy K and D3941 by Essense of Australia.)



3. Dramatic Bodices & Silhouettes - We’ve seen corseted bodices for years now, but this year the structures are getting more should we say… boudoir? For those daring brides who don’t mind showing a little skin, this trend might just be the ticket for your big entrance down the aisle. Martina Liana Luxe and All Who Wander are giving us both glam and sex appeal with these fashion-forward gowns, styles LE1319 and Dallas.



4. Floral Appliqués - 3D florals are taking the stage, and we can understand why, they look whimsical with every move. With the embellishment of petals or full rosettes, we’re loving the bloom of these romantic styles. We adore the cascading florals on these gowns, Essense of Australia (D3881) and Martina Liana (1630).



5. Dropped Waistlines - It wasn’t until the 1920s that dropped waistlines appeared in women’s fashion. By 1926, waistlines had vanished altogether giving women’s gowns a tubular look. Prior to this flapper era, waistlines rested between the bosom and smallest part of the waist. Since then, wedding gowns have seen various waist positions, but many designers are gravitating back to the roaring fashion decade of the 20s by lowering the bridal waistline. This trend offers a sleek and modern look. And quite frankly, we love it! Pictured dresses are: Martina Liana Luxe (LE1317) and All Who Wander (Camryn+)



6. Pearls - The natural glisten of a pearl can elevate any look. Designers are getting adventurous by using pearls not only as peek-a-boo embellishments, but also for complete dress design. The pearl trend is crossing over to adorn veils and gloves as well. To which we say, well done designers. This is a trend that should stay. We love the pearl back detail of Martina Liana’s style 1697 and the all-over pearls from style 1691.



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