Ashley & Jose

Ashley & Jose



Sometimes meeting someone feels like God’s Granting you a second chance at happiness. Jose and I’s Love Story is just that.

I met Jose as a single mother of 2 boys. My children go to their fathers every other weekend, so sometimes when the kids were gone, I would meet up with a few friends to watch UFC fights, have dinner and drinks, or just to catch up. We happened to have a few mutual friends in common, but never saw each other until that evening. It was Memorial Day weekend, 2016, I was invited out by a few of my friends for drinks and dinner at a local sports bar. That evening I wasn’t really feeling very well, I denied their invites multiple times. But, after multiple texts back and forth I decided to tag along. I walked in, and immediately our eyes locked across the room.

We sat across from each other the entire evening, making small talk, about sports, drinks, food, music and the holiday plans each of us had that weekend. The evening ended with tons of dancing, and Jose trying to pull a smooth one, asking me for my number.... which I kindly denied. I didn’t give out my number to people I didn’t know.

Jose and I happen to find each other on social media later that week. We messaged back and forth about what a great time out we had, each other’s families, and jobs. He recently started a new job and was on his way to Mexico for the first time that week. We shared many texts back and forth during his travels.

We soon both found the courage to meet up a few weeks later to share a meal and a few drinks. It soon turned into us making visits, and hangouts every other weekend.
When I felt the time was right, I introduced him to my two boys. At that time, they were very young, interested, and very protective of mom.  After many exciting memories with the kids, Jose asked me to be his girlfriend. About a year later, we found ourselves overwhelmed with joy to be expecting a baby girl together.

As we shared many years dating we thought it is an experience to attempt our first trip as a couple with the kids to a place we had never been before.
Disney World, the most magical place on earth! The one place I dreamed of visiting as a kid and taking my kids to in their future. Anything Disney speaks my language.

On a 32 hour drive to Florida, Jose had a plan to propose, hiding the ring the entire time, the whole way down. Anyone who knows me, knows I am a type-A personality + Bomb packing skills, and surprising or hiding anything from me doesn't work well.
The ring was hidden in the cooler our entire trip. Way to go Jose!

April 3, 2016, Disney was at 100 degrees, kids miserable, everyone complaining, ready to be done with the day. I’m pushing our stroller through the park with extra force and to be honest, in a completely foul mood. We just finished seeing Ariel (my favorite Disney Princess) and decided to leave the park for the day. As we passed by the castle, we stumbled upon a hidden Pinterest gem, everyone speaks of, that must-see location! Cinderella’s Wishing Well.

I was begging for a picture from Jose of the kids and I in front of the castle, for it was the perfect view, and he was rummaging through the cooler, he soon pulled out a few coins for us all to make our wishes, and as I’m hollering to him to hurry over, we all closed our eyes and threw them in, as I turned around, Jose is on his knee, speaking to all of us. “ Ashley, I know this hasn’t been the day we’ve dreamed of, I know it has been hot, icky and everyone is miserable, but I want you to know I have had the time of our life here, and I would like to ask ALL OF YOU to marry me.”

I screamed out Yes, the kids started making little hearts with their hands, saying silly things and we laughed and laughed about how the day went.

A little over a year later we hosted our wedding at the beautiful Planterra Conservatory. Located in West Bloomfield. With many months of planning, and extreme visions of mine our day turned out perfect!  I spent the day getting ready with the girls and my daughter, Jose, and our boys went golfing with the groomsmen. When I looked in the mirror that day for the first time, wedding dress on, makeup and hair done by the Gorgeous Cecilia Kashat, I didn’t recognize myself. I felt Iike my very own Disney Princess!

As a Bride, my best advice would be to embrace your beauty that day. Embrace that moment and allow yourself to feel like the Princess you are.
Bradyn my oldest helped me gather that moment. He then walked me down the aisle shortly after.

Of course, this day couldn’t have been possible without some of our special friends, family, and vendors! An Amazing friend, close and dear to our hearts Jennifer Wringle Wright became newly ordained to help share our union. Another special friend and gorgeous soul photographer Trisha Thomas, was there to keep me calm, and in check, while grabbing all the most amazing photos. The perfect music to keep the party alive, DJ Ryan Rousseau, and all of our guest enjoyed the perfect touch to end the night, snapping a photo in the 77VW Photo Booth Bus. Of course, to Fantastic Finds for providing all the perfect attire to make all of us look Stunning!

Marrying Jose felt like the fairytale I always prayed for. Every person should get to feel as loved and special as we did on our wedding day. Our love story may have not started out perfect but we began an adventure together as an official family of 5 on 9/13/19 and it is one memory that will never be forgotten