Brenna & Matt

Brenna & Matt


Fall Wedding



On October 4, 2015, I received a message in my OK Cupid inbox from a young man named Matt, commenting on how he'd never seen Donny Darko, The Phantom of the Opera, and Kick Ass on the same movie interest list. We messaged back and forth, talking about popular TV shows, our jobs, interests, and our favorite books. Our chemistry was pretty strong, but when Matt asked me to go out to dinner with him, I asked if we could talk a little bit longer (I was a little timid about the online dating experience). During the following weekend, while visiting Traverse City, I asked my parents if they thought I should message Matt for a little longer before actually meeting in person, and my mom said: "Brenna, you've been talking about this boy all weekend; go out to dinner with him!" With that, I messaged Matt and asked if dinner on Monday, October 26 sounded like a good idea; he agreed, and so our relationship began! 


The best moment at your wedding- The moment that we were married. This may seem like a very cliché answer, but we both had so many expectations or ideas for the day (who was going to cry first out of the two of us, what was the weather going to be like, how are we going to react when we see each other for the first time at the ceremony, etc.), and the moment we had gone through the marriage portion of our ceremony, and our pastor laid his hands on ours and whispered "It's amazing how quickly you can change your life," that all just fell away, and we knew that this is what all of our planning and preparing, both for our wedding and for our lives together, was all about. The flowers and amazing food and great music and wonderful company were a very special way to elevate the day, but that moment is what it was all truly for. 


 And, the single best advice you could give to a new bride - I received this advice from another bride, and I'm so glad she passed it along to me: plan a time during your reception to take a step back as a couple and look around you. Look at all of what you've planned, and all of the people who have surrounded you today to celebrate your love and show their support for you. Take this moment together and just breathe, and soak it all in <3 


                                                                          - Brenna


Photographer- Leighanne Sturgis, Bradley Productions