Candice & Chris

Candice & Chris



Whimsical Barn Wedding

Candice and Chris met back in 2009, when they both worked at Target (her as a cashier and him as a cart attendant, he still laughs about it to this day.) Candice made the first move and asked him to come out with her and some co-workers, Chris said yes (we all know how he makes too many plans/commitments), but then never showed up. A few weeks passed by, Chris finally asked Candice out on a date to watch the NCAA tournament. After the date, Chris went in for the first kiss and in true Candice nature she turned her cheek to him. Well it must have been true love because three weeks later they became a couple.

Seven years later...
In December 2016, Chris took Candice out to the Rochester Chop House for dinner before going to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. During dinner, Chris pulled out of his pocket a white box, and the look on Candice's face was priceless when she opened it to find a "ring pop". He got down on one knee and proposed with a beautiful engagement ring, and she said YES!

Having our first look and sharing that special moment with just the two of us was so amazing to just spend a few minutes together, to be in the moment. Our family and friends are a huge part of our life, and it was so nice to have most of them at our wedding. My aunt was our officiant, which made the ceremony that more special. And, Chris and I love to laugh and all of our guests said our ceremony fit us perfectly. My cousins were all junior bridesmaids or junior groomsmen, ever our toy poodle Penny was our flower girl :) Two of my cousins played their ukulele after we were pronounced husband and wife, which everyone loved and thought was so special. My uncle was our DJ, who wore a Spiderman suit which was a hit, he made sure we had dance music going all night and the floor was never empty. One of my favorite moments was having a taco food truck for our late-night snack... huge hit and one of my favorite foods.

The only thing I would do differently is just a few minor details, making sure the shuttle driver had both contact information or someone in the bridal party's information (they left without the bride and had to come back -- they didn't even call anyone. Which, therefore, made the bus 30 minutes behind picking up our guests).

The advice I would give a new bride?
Don't worry about things not being perfect. Something always happens whether it is small or big. Don't let that ruin your day. Remember to slow down and enjoy your day together, and eat a big piece of wedding cake if you have one. 

A special Thanks to My aunt Kristi Le and uncle Tuan Le, Natalie from Kiss of Beauty, and Catrese for the wedding dress!




- Candice & Chris


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