Jacqueline & Cody

Jacqueline & Cody



Dream Outdoor Wedding

"Cody and I met at Palm Beach Atlantic University where the ratio of girls to guys was 3:1. I knew the odds were not in my favor but little did I know I had caught the eye of one person in particular. We had always known each other, but it took being thrown into the same group in class to really start our store. As group members, we exchanged numbers and much to Cody's dismay we discussed only things regarding our project. The semester ended and I went back to my small town in Michigan for the summer and Cody returned home to Sarasota. Towards the end of summer, I received and unexpected text from the nice guy in my class. I wouldn't have given it a second thought, but something was different and something felt so right. After talking to each other nonstop the rest of the summer we finally reconnected two days before our sophomore year began. He didn't waste any time and after one Chipotle date he asked me to be his girlfriend under the moonlight on the beach. I quickly fell head over heels for this sweet man. He taught me to be less serious and enjoy life more. After over two years of adventures, laughter, and a whole lot of joy, he popped the question the day before I turned 22 on the pier of our favorite beach. Hidden under the pier was my sister who had secretly flown in from North Carolina and roommate to capture and celebrate our beautiful moment. It was truly a birthday I will never forget.
I always pictured my wedding outside which is something not easily achieved in Florida especially in the summer. I quickly suggested we get married in Michigan where the summers are beautiful. Cody quickly got on board and my dad found a cute bed and breakfast that would be perfect for our special day. Our wedding was beautiful and the setting was everything I had hoped and dreamed about. I choose dusty rose as my colors and it looked stunning with all of the green background. However, what was the most perfect was my dress. It fit me like a glove and I credit this entire find to Kim. She is an absolute angel and brought this to me as the very FIRST dress I was to try on. I instantly fell in love but had to try on four more just to make sure it really was the one. It ended up being the one and Kim made sure everything was perfect for the day of the wedding.
We got married on August 4th, 2018 in Williamston, Michigan. The wedding went by so fast but luckily, we had our amazing photographer Faith Bischoff to capture our beautiful day. I would give the advice to any new bride to not get too wrapped up in the details! Simply enjoy the day because once it's over you won't be thinking about the décor or flowers you will be thinking about the people that came out to share in your beautiful day. At one moment, I remember I looked around and thought to myself all of these people have come here today because they simply love us and that was truly one of the best parts of the wedding."

- Jacqueline


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