Lauren & Ryan

Lauren & Ryan



Frankenmuth Wedding

I've known his sister for years and we were close friends. She wanted me to be her brother's blind date to a wedding he was in, and I said no because I thought it would be awkward and I didn't know anyone at the wedding and he was a groomsman. I went to the wedding and we locked eyes instantly, he sent his sister over to introduce us and we hit it off immediately. He was so shy, I had to do all the talking and give him my number. He is extremely outgoing so I am still in awe by how shy he was when we met. From that day forward, we purchased our first beautiful home, had a daughter, planned our wedding and had a son. We have built an amazing life together and we have finally made our family complete!
It was Valentine's Day and I had to work. He surprised me and came to my job with our families and our daughter. He handed her to me and she was wearing a onesie that read "mommy, will you marry daddy?" I started crying immediately and was so surprised! It was absolutely perfect.
Our first look at the coevered bridge in Frankenmuth! We both cried and it was so perfect. The groomsmen blocked off the bridge so we could have this moment alone with our photographer.
Make more time to visit with guests -- we're in such a crunch for time we only really had time during the reception line. 
Don't have high expectations of your timeline. It will not go exactly as planned and that's okay. It will all work out perfectly!
Catchfly photography LLC - she was beyond amazing and captured everything about our day. She went above and beyond to get every shot we wanted! 
Fantastic Finds is where I bought my dress and it was everything I hoped it would be. They made my experience easy and fun! We had our own private room and Kim was amazing! The best consultant ever. She was so sweet and kept telling me how beautiful I was in every dress.
Our family helped set up and take down, made sure our day went perfectly. We are so thankful for everyone who was a part of making our big day happen!"

- Lauren


Bridal Dress: Fantastic Finds