Taneil & TJ

Taneil & TJ




TJ and I met our Freshman year of high school in 2011 when we were 13 and 15. We rode the same bus, lived down the road from each other, had choir together, and we were both involved in the musicals. Over the next month I got to know him better and really enjoyed our friendship. After the first show of Bye Bye Birdie we went on stage to bow and held hands. Afterwards neither of us let go of the others' hand and he asked me to be his girlfriend. This is where our Love Story started.

In 2015, we graduated and I immediately moved into his dad's basement until 3 months later when we got approved for our first apartment. In January of 2018 we agreed to get married. There was no proposal, just an agreement. We always knew we would end up getting married, we just never knew when. But after coming home from dinner one night we were talking about when to buy our first house and he said, "Before that, we should get married. Probably married this fall and get a house in about 2 years." I was so surprised! "Are you serious? You wanna get married this year?! You're not just saying that are you? I can tell my parents?" And sure enough, we got married September 23, 2018 after being together for almost 7 years and only being 20 and 22. We got married at the Grand Ledge Opera House in the garden and had our reception in the downstairs of the Opera House.

Everything was perfect and I couldn't have asked for a better or more perfect day. Nothing went "wrong" so to say, but we had silly moments like I couldn't get his ring over his knuckle, I got red lipstick all over his mouth after our first kiss, and I tripped over my dress during our first dance. Our day had so many highlights but my favorite was when we were staging photos of us signing the marriage license, he looked down and saw I signed my new last name and started to cry (which we got pictures of). Our perfect day couldn't have been possible without Angelina at Fantastic Finds, who helped me find my dream dress, David at Atomic Sounds, who is a super fun DJ, my best friend and Maid of Honor, Destiny, who kept me sane during the planning process, and my dad who made it all possible. Our wedding was a dream come true and I felt like an absolute princess! I cannot wait for our weeklong honeymoon in December to Disney World, it will be both of our first times!

- Taneil


Bridal Dress: Fantastic Finds